Charles (Chuck) Schneider
President and CEO

Mr. Schneider entered the courier/delivery industry in 1989. The first area of responsibility was client/account development. He later became involved with a broad range of industry responsibilities and activities for his employer at the time. Mr. Schneider founded and launched Immediate Delivery Systems, Inc., DBA...Immediate Delivery in 1992. In 1995 Mr. Schneider acquired a competing service, Storm Express. That acquisition helped Immediate Delivery to grow and expand its market share in Louisville, KY. Immediate Delivery remained competitive, continued to grow, and always adjusted to changing market conditions. Mr. Schneider developed and offered various courier/delivery services to the Louisville area for the next sixteen years.

In August of 2011, Mr. Schneider merged Immediate Delivery with a long standing highly respected delivery service, PJ Delivery Service (founded 1990). That's when the name was changed to ID Courier. ID Courier has been providing delivery services to the Louisville and surrounding area for over twenty-two years. ID Courier enjoys a large list of loyal customers and are very proud of their service record.

Mark Kirchner
Vice-President and COO

Mr. Kirchner began his courier/delivery career in the year 2000 as a part-time delivery driver for PJ Delivery Service. Three years later (2003), Mr. Kirchner was brought into the corporate office, and promoted to being responsible for the dispatching operation of PJ Delivery Service. In 2006, Mr. Kirchner was again promoted, this time to the Executive Team as General Manager. Mr. Kirchner was in that role for one year and then purchased controlling interest of PJ Delivery Service. Now as President and CEO, Mr. Kirchner was responsible for all aspects of the operation, until 2011, when his company merged with Immediate Delivery.

Mr. Schneider and Mr. Kirchner have over 39 years of combined service to the Louisville area.

They are represented by the company's motto:


ID Courier always welcomes new accounts.